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Airfield Festival/ Reservist's Day 2016

on 27. and 28. August 2016, 10 am – 6 pm

Fun and attractions for the whole family

Free admission


Bundeswehr Reserves Day (Berlin)

  • Berlin Reservist's Information vehicle
  • Reservist's Field Camp
  • Field Kitchen (serving traditional Pea Soup)

Verband der Reservisten, Landesgruppe Berlin

I.P.M.S. Germany Modelling Show in Berlin

  • Exhibitions with all kinds of scale models (all events in Hangar 5)

IPMS Deutschland

MHM Gatow Information Booth

  • Presentations about the museum’s re-design
  • Presentation of historical firefighting trucks (usually in depot)


Offers by the Museum’s Learning Department

  •  Make your own aircraft! – handicrafting with natural materials


Historical Aeroplanes on Static Display

Starts and Landings will take place dependent on weather and technical availability.
Signed in aircraft:

  • Cessna O-2A
  • Bücker 181
  • AN-2
  • CASA 1.131 (Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann)
  • Monsun
  • Bücker Bestmann 181 B-1
  • Bölkow 208 C Junior
  • Boing PT 17 Stearman
  • De Haviland DHC1 Chipmunk
  • Tiger Moth DH 82 A
  • Piper J3C
  • DO 28
  • DO 27
  • Piagio P 149
  • PA 18

Reservistenkameradschaft Flugdienst

Stage Programme


  • 12:30 pm Welcoming Address and concert by
    Spandau brass orchestra
  • 2:00 pm Brandenburg Big Band
  • 3:30 pm Presentation of uniforms by reservists
  • 4:00 pm Uhr Brandenburg Big Band


  • 11:00 am Pro C Dur (concert)
  • 12:30 pm Red Jax (concert)
  • 2:00 pm Pro C Dur (concert)
  • 3:00 pm Lachen & Helfen e.V.
  • 3:30 pm Red Jax (concert)

Open Depot

 Hangar 8 will be open on Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 12 pm and 2 pm - 5 pm

Military Post Office

Apart of receiving the special edition Cachet stamp, all letters will be registered by an official field post date stamp.
As a special highlight, you can send postcards and letters (up to 50g) for free to German troups in missions abroad.

Disaster Management Exercise

Joint rescue exercise will be presended by the Technisches Hilfswerk (Federal Agency for Technical Relief) and DLRG (German Lifeguard Association) on Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm.

Information and Promotion Stands

  • Sail & Road
  • US Cars
  • Fast Tube (Formula student)
  • Lachen & Helfen e.V.
  • THW
  • Verkehrswacht
  • DLRG
  • AlliiertenMuseum Berlin
  • Alliierte in Berlin e.V.
  • Fort Hahneberg
  • techn. Museum Rechlin
  • Flugwelt Altenburg
  • Bundeswehr Sozialwerk
  • Bw Fuhrpark
  • Royal British Legion
  • Flying Group Gatow
  • Zoll
  • Polizei Abs. 23
  • Berliner Wassermobil
  • 501st Garrison
  • Amateurfunkgruppe GSK
  • St/FmKp PzGrenBrig 41
  • LLAufklKp 310 Seedorf
  • BwFeuerwehr Lehnin
  • SanRgt 1
  • FüUstgBtl 383


  • Offers for Kids (bouncing castle, face painting for kids, plastering hands, etc.)
  • BBQ, ice cream and drinks
  • and more…

Notice: European Heritage Days 2016

The German contribution to the European Heritage Days 2016 is taking place this year on 11 September 2016. Together with our neighbours, we will offer guided tour through the old Gatow Airfield
- by bus, starting in front of MHM Gatow tower building at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm
- by bike, starting in front of MHM Gatow tower building at 10 am, 12 pm, and 2 pm (bring your own bike!)





Airfield Festival/ Reservist's Day 2015 
5 / 6 September 2015, 10am – 6pm

Fun and attractions for the whole family.

  • Special field post office
  • Historical buses (only on Sunday)
  • Stage program with live music and presentations
  • Open aircrafts, cockpits depots
  • IPMS Model Exhibition
  • Landings of historic aircraft (AN2, Do27, Do28 ...)
  • Civil protection exercises and demonstrations
  • Comprehensive Services for Children (bouncy castle, face painting, crafts and learning stations)
  • Information and promotional stands
  • various catering stands

Free Admission

Militärhistorisches Museum Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow
Am Flugplatz Gatow 33, 14089 Berlin


Airfield Festival/ Reservist's Day 2014 
6 / 7 September 2014, 10am – 6pm

Militärhistorisches Museum Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow

Am Flugplatz Gatow 33, 14089 Berlin


Bundeswehr Reservist's Day (Berlin)

  • Berlin Reservist's Information vehicle
  • Reservist's Field Camp
  • Field Kitchen (serving traditional Pea Soup)

Verband der Reservisten, Landesgruppe Berlin

British Gatow Veterans' Lounge

Join us on the 20th anniversary of the handover of RAF Gatow from the Royal Air Force to the German Luftwaffe (7 September 1994):

  • The British Gatow Veterans’ Lounge serves as a meeting point for all former “Gatovians”
  • British and German refreshments are offered
  • British Veterans will offer, together with German guides, a free bus tour through the old RAF Station. The bus departs at the Lounge on Saturday at 12am, 2 pm, 3pm and 4pm; on Sunday at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. Registration at the lounge; Reservation in advance is possible, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Guided tours in our temporary exhibitions

  • There will be guided tours through the current temporary exhibitions of the museum. Hours and places of departure will be announced within the next weeks


I.P.M.S. Germany Modelling Show in Berlin

  • Exhibitions with all kinds of scale models

(all events in Hangar 5)

IPMS Deutschland

Historical Aeroplanes Landing

  • Starts and landings are depending on weather and technical availability of the participating airplanes
  • The landings take place on Saturday 11 am to 1 pm
  • On Sunday the planes take off between 3 pm - 5 pm

Reservist's Flying service

Stage Programme

      • Saturday, 6.September
        • 12 noon show: artistic cycling 
        • 1 pm opening ceremony
        • 1.15 pm concert: Spandauer Blasorchester
        • 2.15 pm concert: Die SwingSchlampen
        • 4.30 pm show: SF Kladow / Kung Fu

      • Sunday, 7.September
        • 12 noon show: artistic cycling
        • 2.15 pm concert: Die SwingSchlampen
        • 4 pm concert: Blackshotsillypipers


Open Cockpits

The following airplanes can be visited:

      • Mil Mi 8S (VIP-Helicopter for Erich Honecker and Helmut Kohl)
      • C-160 Transall
      • Bell UH-1D
      • Noratlas

special: Heinkel He 111 is shown outside of the restauration hangar


Open Depots

      • Open Depots  
        Hangar 5: Jak-18, Pützer Elster, MiG-21 MF, G-41 Meteor, Do-28, Bücker Bü-181, Alouette II u.a.
        Hangar 8: Siebel Si-204 D, Mil Mi-1, various UAVs, Simulators, Museum Propulsion Collection, etc


Disaster Management Exercise

Exercise “traffic accident” by ASB Berlin, DLRG Berlin DRK and THW OVB Spandau


Information and promotion stands

      • AlliiertenMuseum Berlin

      • historische Polizeifahrzeuge

      • Flying Group Gatow Berlin e.V.

      • Bund deutscher Fallschirmjäger

      • Fallschirmjägerverband Polen

      • Interessenverband Fallschirmjäger

      • Lachen & Helfen e.V.

      • Bw Fuhrpark

      • Alliierte in Berlin e.V.

      • Preussengilde

      • THW

      • Bundeswehr Feuerwehr Truppenübungsplatz Lehnin

      • DLRG

      • DRK Hundestaffel Reinickendorf

      • Heißluftballon

      • Familienbetreuungszentrum Berlin

      • DBwV

      • Bw-Sozialwerk

      • Fördergesellschaft DBwV

      • Verein zur Förderung der Luftfahrt Rechlin

      • Flugwelt Altenburg

      • Förderverein Rosinenbomber e. V.



      • Offers for kids (bouncing castle, etc)

      • BBQ and drinks

      • and more…

Förderverein des Luftwaffenmuseums e.V.


Notice: European Heritage Days 2014

The European Heritage Days 2014 are taking place this year on 14 September 2014. Since this year's Germany-wide theme is "colour", we will speak about aircraft camouflage, colour as protective coating, signal colours on airfields and much more. Guided tours as indicated in the linked programme.


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The Museum is situated in a landmarked historical air base from the 1930s. Unfortunately, some parts of the exhibitions are not accessible to people with walking disabilities. Toilets suitable for handicapped people are in Hangar 3 (in the entrance area) and in front of Hangar 7.

The following list will give you an overview of the accessibility of the individual areas:

Entrance container Rollstuhl Rot There are two steps in front of the entrance container which must be negotiated. Please knock; the gate will then be opened for you.
Outdoor area / runway rollstuhl gruen

All exhibits can be reached by routes with tarmac or concrete surfaces.

Hangar 7 rollstuhl gruen

The entire exhibition is at ground level. You may need assistance to open the doors.

Hangar 3, ground floor,
permanent and special exhibitions

rollstuhl gruen

The entire exhibition is at ground level. You may need assistance to open the doors.

Hangar 3, upper floor,
special exhibitions

Rollstuhl Rot

Unfortunately, the upper floor can only be reached by way of a fairly steep staircase.

Tower building,
ground floor
rollstuhl gruen

A ramp has been added to the stairs at the main entrance of the tower building; the exhibition itself is at ground level.

Tower building,
upper floor
Rollstuhl Rot

The exhibition on the upper floor of the tower building can only be reached by way of the staircase.

Opening Hours of the Museum

Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Closed on Mondays
(Please take into account our current updates on special opening and closing hours.)

Due to events the access to parts of the exhibition will be limited during the weekends 10 - 11 June 2017 and 17 - 18 June 2017.

Visitors' Entrance

Am Flugplatz Gatow 33, 14089 Berlin

Admission Fees

Admission is free of charge.

Museum Plan

MHM Flugplatz Plan

Arriving by Public Transportation

BVG bus # 135: Exit at the bus stop "Seekorso" or "Kurpromenade"; from there, a walk of approximately 10 minutes will take you to the Museum.
BVG ferry # F10 from Wannsee to Alt-Kladow (recommended for cyclists in particular)


Free bus and car parking spaces are available in front of the Museum’s entrance.
For special events, extra parking areas will be indicated.

Guided Tours

Free guided tours are on saturday and sunday, 2:00 pm. Meetingpoint: Tower Entrance.

If you want to book guided tours for groups, please contact our secretary's office (by phoning +49 (0)30-3687-2601 between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on workdays or by sending an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Guided tours (for groups of up to 25 persons) cost 25 €; they are free of charge for visitor groups from public institutions and educational establishments.

Taking Photographs

You are allowed to take photographs inside the Museum without flashlight for private, non-commercial purposes.
Press representatives and professional photographers are asked to obtain accreditation from the press office of the Museum, either by phone (+49 (351) 823-2759) or by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Reconstruction in Hangar 3

Hangar 3 is currently closed to revise the 1996 exhibition on the history of military aviation in Germany. In autumn 2017 the Hangar 3 will be presented to the visitors in a new look and with a new focus.

You can also visit the exhibition on the history of the Luftwaffe of the Federal Republic of Germany in Hangar 7, the tower building and the large expositions in the outside area. The Falkenstein exhibition in the side rooms of Hangar 3 is still accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open to the public? – Our current opening hours can be found here.

Do you have a cafeteria? – Yes, we do. Our support association operates a cafeteria in Hangar 3 and a break room with a coffee machine and a snack-vending machine in Hangar 7.

Why do you have free admission? – In order to fulfill our educational mission for as many people as possible, we will try to ensure that admission to our Museum remains free of charge in future. Details on how to support our work can be found here.

How do I find my way to your Museum? – A simplified map and details on how to reach our Museum by car, bus or bicycle can be found here.

How much time should I allow for a visit? – We recommend at least two hours for your visit. In addition to the three central permanent exhibitions, one or two special exhibitions will be shown every year.

Do you also organize flying displays? – Out of consideration for our neighbors, we do not organize flight demonstrations. Only on the occasion of our model aircraft days, upon the arrival of new exhibits and on our annual airdays will you be able to watch historical aircraft taking off and landing.

Can I book a guided tour? – Information concerning our guided tours can be obtained here.

Where can I park my car? – We have large parking lots. For more details, see here.

May I ride a bike or use inline skates on your grounds? – Cyclists and inline skaters are very welcome on our premises. The large dimensions of our airfield make the use of faster means of locomotion tempting. Please pay attention to other visitors, however. Inline skaters are asked to bring extra shoes so that they are able to enter the exhibition buildings.

Do you accept applicants for an internship in the Museum? – Details concerning internships at the Bundeswehr Museum of Military History - Berlin-Gatow Airfield can be found here.

How can I take part in the Museum’s activities? – You can make a commitment as a sponsor for an exhibit or within our support association.

Can I donate money to the Museum? – You can support our work by making a donation to our support association.

To whom do I address inquiries? – Please address any questions, offers or remarks to our postal address (Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr – Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow, Museumsleiter, Postfach 220053, D-14061 Berlin), to fax number +49 (0)30-3687-2610 or, by e-mail, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I am in possession of something that would enrich your collection; what is the best way of getting an exhibit to the Museum? – As a museum, we have to adhere to certain transfer procedures when we incorporate cultural assets or historical items into our collection. Please send us a letter, a fax or an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating what you would like to give us. We will then get in touch with you.

Where is an aircraft I saw when I was here last? – There are several reasons why aircraft are incorporated into or removed from our exhibition. Aircraft need to be protected from weather-induced deterioration or repaired due to other kinds of damage (see Restoration). Some of our aircraft are on loan to partner museums or maintenance facilities where they are restored and then placed in a dry location.

Why are individual instruments missing from the cockpits of some aircraft? – In the first half of the 20th century, many instruments were manufactured from radioactive materials. In order to protect your and our health, we remove such instruments as a matter of principle and store them in a safe location.

Are all parts of your exhibitions open to the public at all times? – Unfortunately, we are occasionally forced to close individual parts of exhibitions due to staff shortages among the museum guards. If you are particularly interested in viewing a certain part of our exhibitions, please inquire in advance whether it will be open at the time of your visit (phone number: +49 (0)30-3687-2608).