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Friends & Supporters Association

Without this association, the Museum at the Berlin-Gatow airfield would not exist.

The collection handed over to the Bundeswehr in 1987 originated with this association, which was a formative factor in the work of the Museum for a long time.

To this day, the association contributes to the daily routine of the Museum with numerous activities ranging from the aviators' get-togethers to the Museum shop.

Members of the support association help with the classification of the picture archive, contribute towards the realization of special exhibitions, organize guided tours and assist with the distribution of advertising material.


The homepage of the support association can be found at

Application for an Internship 

The Museum offers unpaid and paid internships. Unpaid internships are available for pupils and students, the duration is limited to a maximum of four weeks. Paid internships are available for students (with at least four terms of university studies) and postgraduates only. The duration of paid internships is limited to at least one and at most three months. Processing your contract may last up to three months. 

Applications for internships are to be sent to the following address: Leiter des Militärhistorischen Museums der Bundeswehr - Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow, Postfach 220053, 14061 Berlin. In addition to a project outline (to be provided only by student applicants) and a letter of motivation, we expect comprehensive and pertinent documents / certificates concerning your background. The internship contract will be concluded between the Military District Administrative Office, East (via the Museum's administration) and the internship candidate. 

Advice for Students

The Museum is in a phase of comprehensive reorganization. We expect that, prior to their application, our student internship candidates will identify a subject relevant to the reorganization of the Museum and submit a project outline for the work they intend to do during their internship. Their internship projects will then become the focus for the work they do as interns; they will be the basis from which the interns get to know the various sections within the Museum and practice integrating themselves into ongoing work processes (in this case, the reorganization of the Museum). Internships will be supervised by the respective head of section or his deputy responsible for the exhibition, collection or restoration.

Advice for Pupils

The letter of application should make clear in which museum profession the applicant is particularly interested.

In the first week of their internship, our interns are given the opportunity to get to know the various Museum sections by successively introducing them to new stations each day. In their second and third internship weeks, our interns are given one or more tasks in the Museum section for which they showed a particular interest in their application. These tasks are to be accomplished working independently.
The legal basis for the implementation of internships for pupils is the agreement between the Bundeswehr Information and Press Office, Berlin, and the school administration of the Berlin Senate dated 08 November 1994.

A new Museum Is Designed

The Museum at the Berlin-Gatow airfield is going through a comprehensive redesign phase.

In addition to the organizational merger with the Dresden Museum, the optimization of the depot structure, the adaptation of organizational processes to international standards and the integration of further Bundeswehr collections, the exhibition areas of the Museum are also being redesigned.

From June 2017 to the end of the redevelopment of Hangar 4 as the future main building of the museum, a redesigned exhibition will be displayed in Hangar 3. This intermediate exhibition will give a general overview of the history of military flight in Germany, focussing on people involved. Here, we will display especially those large artifacts, that do not require major refurbishments for being integrated into the new museum. Also, Hangar 3 will remain a space for special and temporary exhibitions.In the future Museum at the Berlin-Gatow airfield, there will be a central museum building, the so-called Hall of Time, in Hangar 4. On an area of almost 5,000 square meters, visitors will be given a historical overview of the development of military aviation and of the relationship between air forces and society in Germany. With a central entrance area, a cafeteria and a cinema auditorium, this main building will also offer new options for visitor support.

The outdoor display area will be adapted accordingly. Visitors are meant to enter an apparently functioning airfield where a visitor guidance system will direct them to presentations and thematic islands.

Subject of further planning are exhibitions on airfield firefighting services in the old fire station, on the history of Gatow airfield (with special emphasis of the Berlin Airlift) in the tower building, and on aerial warfare as the most recent development in the military use of force, in Hangar 3.


Our next steps:

4 October 2016: Closing of the old exhibition in Hangar 3

June 2017: Re-Opening of Hangar 3 with a re-designed exhibition (intermediate solution until Hangar 4 is opened)

October 2017: Closing of Hangar 7, which will be used as a depot in the future

Institutional Memberships

The term "museum" is not protected by law in Germany. Nevertheless, museum work does not take place outside principles agreed upon collectively. Through its active participation in national and international organizations that are committed to professional ethics and the protection of cultural property in museums, the Museum endeavors to do constructive and sound museum work.

The most important institutional memberships of the Bundeswehr Museum of Military History at the Berlin-Gatow airfield are with the following organizations:


These memberships involve the voluntary commitment of the Museum to observe the statutes of the various associations, the most important of which are:


History of the Museum

1957: Helmut Jaeckel starts the collection in Uetersen near Hamburg.


1963: The "Kuratorium Luftwaffenmuseum e.V." (registered association of the Air Force Museum board of trustees) is founded.


1987: The collection is donated to the Bundeswehr.


1994: The Museum is relocated from Uetersen to Berlin-Gatow and the collection is enlarged by selected exhibits from the National People's Army.


2004: Institutional membership in the International Council of Museums (ICOM)


2009: The academic outline concept is confirmed by the Advisory Council of the Military History Research Institute.


2009: Institutional membership in the "Verband der Restauratoren Deutschlands" (German association of restorers)


2010: The Museum is turned into an autonomous branch of the Bundeswehr Museum of Military History in Dresden.


2011: The Air Force Museum of the Bundeswehr is renamed Bundeswehr Museum of Military History – Berlin-Gatow Airfield (Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr - Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow).

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