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Permanent Exhibitions

At present, visitors have access to our outdoor display area and the Hangars 3 and 7.

The airplanes, helicopters, radar and air defense systems in the outdoor display area are arranged in groups of exhibits according to their subject matter. By following thematic trails, visitors can gain an overview of how military aviation and airspace defense evolved in the second half of the 20th century.

Since April 13, 2018, the redesigned permanent exhibition Stopover about the history of military aviation in Germany in Hangar 3 is opened. In eight sections, the exhibition offers an overview of its development within the historical and political circumstances of each epoch. The special exhibition Falkenstein goes to war is accessible as well in the side wing

In Hangar 7, you will find the permanent exhibition on the history of the Air Force of the Federal Republic of Germany. The aircraft typical of each decade are displayed along with exhibits from the relevant period and film and media stations. Several adjoining rooms are dedicated to various aspects of the everyday life of German Air Force soldiers. The topics include the training of German airmen abroad, air defense, German air traffic control and the cockpit as a place of work.

One or two special exhibitions are presented in the sidewings of Hangar 3 each year.

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